The three most empowering words ever uttered: “I DON'T KNOW”


THANK YOU EVERYONE for the incredible experience this past week!

A LIGHT IN THE VOID was astonishingly successful. It was grueling and difficult and stressful like we never could have imagined, but it was also enriching, exciting and emotional in ways we didn't expect.

We have so many stories to share and thanks to offer, and we'd rather do that the right way with the proper detail.

So forgive this short update.

Just a little love and thank you again to all of you helped make this show possible.


- Tony & Austin

(PS the broadcast was NOT archived on Twitch, so if you missed it live / weren't in the audience,

there is no online capture. However we have all the footage and every Kickstarter backer

will get their copy of both video and audio ASAP. We'll keep you posted!)

(c) 2018 A Light in the Void. All rights reserved.