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A timeless musical journey of how we came to bewho we are…and what lies beyond the horizon.

A LIGHT IN THE VOID is the world’s first concert experience to blend unforgettable scientific stories -- told by world-class scientists -- with stirring orchestral accompaniment and mind-blowing visuals.


It is an experience of intense wonder and excitement; audiences will not just learn incredible scientific facts, they will feel the relation of discovery and leave the concert hall with a profound love of Science and the scientific way of thinking.

The science content, music, and visuals, are lovingly choreographed to tell a complete structured story; a story 13.8 billion years in the making that begs to be experienced again and again, performance after performance.


A ticket to A LIGHT IN THE VOID is more than a memorable and unique night at the symphony… it is a renewal of vows with all that is greater than ourselves.

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