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Alice Roberts

Maria Spiropulu

Carolyn Porco

“Who are we?”

The first scientist to take the stage addresses The Seeker’s questions on how we humans came to be... and who we are.
The second speaker is a biologist/anthropologist - as such, she has dedicated her life to studying the very origin of all life on Earth, and therefore, the ultimate origin story of all human beings.

The species Homo Sapiens is unlike any other species, but we are built from the same remarkable machinery as every other living thing on Earth, and yet, we seem so different from other life forms. What are we? What is it that gives us… life?

Every human being has a parent… and that
parent had a parent… so it is for every generation. What might we learn about the
future of our species by uncovering its deep
past?? What secrets lie within the 2.8
billions lines of genetic code stored in
every single one of the 32 trillion cells in
our bodies?

The first speaker is the most personal
and direct of all the speakers.

She will challenge us to look deep within ourselves and our common humanity. We all came from a tiny region of Africa; we all share a common history... and we will all share a common future.

“Where did everything come from?”

The second scientist to take the stage addresses The Seeker’s questions of how everything we can touch, feel, taste, smell, see, and hear, came to be.
Maria Spiropulu is a physicist - as such, she has always daydreamed about an experiment that recreates the conditions at the very birth of our Universe.

That daydream is now reality, thanks to the most sophisticated scientific experiment ever devised... The Large Hadron Collider (“LHC”). It is a machine that recreates The Big Bang for fractions of a second.

Because of the tireless work of physicists (like Maria) and experiments like the LHC, we now have a complete “standard model of physics” that describes the mysterious quantum laws of Nature governing the tiniest
building blocks of reality... the very laws that transformed an inperceivably small light in the void into the vast heavens above.

But our understanding of just what caused that great cosmic event is still incomplete…
It is a story rife with incredible facts that will forever change how the audience perceives the world around them - every human being on this planet is made from the raw material
that came to be during that event.

In this talk, we will feel the profundity of learning to think in the vast expanse of “Cosmic time” and the life-changing experience of uncovering the Universe’s
deepest held truths.

“Where do we go from here?”


The third and final scientist to take the stage addresses The Seeker’s questions about what lies beyond the horizon.
The third speaker is a scientist on the brink of discovery - as such, she has dedicated her life to tackling pressing questions that can now be answered.

She looks to the boundary of knowledge... then elevates the art of the possible. But, she cannot do it alone! She calls upon friends, colleagues, visionaries, institutions, and all those who went before her, to soar past
“impenetrable” boundaries.


This is the most inspirational of all our talks; she speaks directly to the audience and inspires them to be a part of the quest to advance scientiic knowledge.

In the premier production, renowned project lead Carolyn Porco will orate the story of
the Cassini Probe Mission and their

jaw-dropping discoveries about our solar system.
Decades in the making, Carolyn’s state-of-the-art space probe just discovered an alien
ocean - slightly smaller than Earth’s oceans - in our solar system.

Most exciting of all, the probe discovered that the conditions in this aquatic world could support life…
This mission is close to shining new light one of the biggest questions of all existence: are we alone in the Universe?

Somewhere out there, something incredible is waiting to be discovered...

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